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Monday, August 24, 2015

[Mascara Routine] Long Lashes featuring Essence mascaras!

Hello everybody! :-)

I know what you're thinking - yet another routine... It's getting old! But I really wanted to share this and I promise there will be different posts coming up in the near future :-)

I get a lot of questions about my lashes (online and in real life) - whether they're real or fake, and what I use to get them to look like this. So I decided to dedicate a blog post to the topic!

Let's get started :-)

I use:

  • a lash curler (this particular one is from H&M, but I have a few)
  • Essence I  Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
  • Essence Get BIG Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara

All I need!

Step 1

I start with clean (!) naked lashes. I curl them for about 10 seconds (each eye) while slightly "pumping" with my curler.

My lashes: Naked and curled.

Step 2

I apply a generous coat of the Essence Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara to my top lashes only (heavy mascara on my bottom lashes makes my eyes look droopy). This mascara is fabulous as a first layer because the wand does an excellent job at seperating the lashes, giving me a full, long but not glued together base to work with. Since it's waterproof it holds the curl flawlessly. The texture of this mascara is dry and pasty (just the way I like it - I just can't with wet mascaras!) so no spider lashes!
I wait a minute to let it dry a little, then apply another thin coat. My lashes now look like this:

Sorry about the terrible quality, but you get the picture.

Step 3

I wait another minute to let that coat dry, then I apply a final layer of mascara using my Essence I ♥ Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara. This used to be my all-time favorite mascara - well and it still is, but it shares the First Place with the Get BIG! mascara I used first.
This mascara is also dry and pasty which I love, and adds more volume. The difference here is that this mascara has a plastic wand as opposed to the Get BIG! mascara which has a classic mascara wand with bristles. That's why I like to use the other mascara first (the bristles are better at seperating the lashes) and the I  Extreme seconds (more volume).

Left: Essence get BIG! lashes volume boost waterproof mascara
Right: Essence I  Extreme Crazy Volume mascara

I put a little (!) bit of it on the lower lashes in my outer corners and then brush them outwards (to my hairline) with my finger tip which gives me that almond eye shape I go crazy for.

That's already it! Final result:

I didn't opt for a closeup this time to give you an idea what the lashes look like from further away.
The lashes that look "glued together" aren't actually stuck together and could've easily been seperated with my finger tip.
However, I didn't even notice them before taking the picture.
So that's why it looks like this now. Rookie mistake.

Please excuse my slightly murderous expression.
Now this is the natural version. The mascaras I used are both extremely volumizing so this is definitely NOT the most you can get out of them.

In fact, you can go full on nuts with these two gems. They can give you crazy false-looking lashes, combined and on their own. You'll just need thicker layers. For the pictures above I really didn't use a lot.

Here's both of them together (with a terrible filter, sorry!):

SORRY about the filter! It's an old picture!

You could probably get VERY similar results if you only used one of them, but I have both, so I use both!

I hope you enjoyed my mascara routine! I definitely recommend checking out both of the mascaras I used. What are your favorite mascaras? Have a great day!

**what I'm wearing in the pictures:
shimmery highlight & matte taupe shades from the MUA Undress me too palette
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on my waterline


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